Acroustic Poem:

So many wonderful things in my life
Have helped me to become the person I am today.
Amazing students who
Never give my work a dull moment. I also
Never say no to an
Opportunity to ride one of my four bikes.
Nor do I miss the chance to

Pedal for charity or a good cause.
Every one of my
Terrific animals brighten my day and
Energize my life.
Really the most important thing in my life is Mr. Peters who is
Special because he loves me no matter what.

Bio Poem

Line 1: 1st name only Shannon
Line 2: 4 traits Persevere, Splendid, extraordinary, intelligent
Line 3: Related to mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma
Line 4: Cares deeply about her loving animals
Line 5: Who feels sorry for people who don't try their best
Line 6: Who needs to always be doing something
Line 7: Who gives knowledge to her students
Line 8: Who fears heights and airplane rides
Line 9: Who would like to see all of her students succeed
Line 10: Resident West Bloomfield, MI

Rhyming Poem

Mice and catnip
Scratcher and treats
Fur so white
Grabbing people's feet.

Running and jumping
Acting like a yoyo
Crazy during thunderstorms
This makes Mojo.


3 lines-4 Stanzas
1st line has 5 syllables
2nd line has 7 syllables
3rd line has 5 syllables

5- Red house near river
7- Lazy days feeling relaxed
5 -Screen porch is our home

5- Wonderful sun sets
7 -Sound of water flowing past
5 -An eagle flies by

5 -Time seems to stand still
7 -Dogs frolicking in water
5 -Nature surrounds us

5 -Tubing past houses
7 -A dream of ours forever
5-Summer days spent there

If I Were

If I were a
I'd (action)
I'd (action) and

If I were a (n) (animal)
I'd _(sound)
I'd _(action) like

I'd _(action) and
(action) and

If I were a _
I'd be _(adjective)
I'd have _(adjective)
I'd (action)

If I were a (n)
I'd (action)
I'd have (object) and
I'd be

My mind is filled__

My mind is filled with
concern for my brother Bobke who is attacked daily by Rider the new
annoying puppy.
Ideas about how to get the kitchen cabinets open so I can steal the
food out of them and how to take revenge on Merrick who won't let me
sleep on my parent's lap.
Dreams of catching the silly deer that stare at me outside my windows
and of catching the flys that buzz in my ears.
Feelings of joy when I sleep next to my mother every single night and
anger when Bobke comes and wakes me from my restful slumber.
And hopes that my parents forget to close the food bin so that I can
enjoy an all day buffet.


I pushed my sister off of my bed,

and she fell on her head and is now crying.

I am sorry that you got hurt.

But I guess next time you will get off my bed
the first time I ask!

Seasons poem



The inside and outside of my cottage
is very different to me.
On the outside it is old and tired
there is work to be done as far as the eye can see.
The rocks are all dirty
the shingles are green.
the windows need painting
and they all need new screens.

The inside is different
and you can see why.
There is all kinds of love
For that I will not lie.
My grandparents made their home there
and they are still all around.
Their writing is by the phone
But the phone won't make a sound.