Berkshire Bound is from August 18-22nd. There are morning and afternoon sessions. Registration is happening now go to the following website:

This will be the last Peters' Press of the school year, thank you for your support over the past year. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Important Information
  • Only one more field trip for this year and it is on Friday, June 6th. The students will be attending the Opera at Seaholm High School.
  • Be sure to look at the "Important Dates" section for upcoming events for the 5th Graders.

Please look in your child’s assignment book to see what they are doing in Math.
  • In order to help your student learn their basic facts your child should complete xtramath 5 times a week.
  • Your child is to be completing 2 - 15 minute sessions of Compass Learning each week. They can access Compass Learning through the link:
  • We will be learning how to convert units of length such as, kilometers to meters and centimeters, yards to feet.
  • The test for Chapter 8 will be on Wednesday June 4th!
  • We will begin working on a "Mockumentary" after Memorial Day. In partnerships the students will be researching an important person in history and creating a presentation on that individual using Photostory. This is a great project to end the year with!

  • We are in the midst of a unit on Mixtures and Solutions. Students are learning the difference between a mixture and solution, how to separate each and how to complete experiments in cooperative groups.
  • This week we focused on saturation of solutions.

Social Studies
  • There will be a quiz on the events that lead to the Revolutionary War such as the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, the Quartering Act, Stamp Act, French/Indian War and the Proclamation of 1763! The Quiz will be on Tuesday the 3rd of June.
  • What was the Declaration of Independence and how did the Colonists win the war against Great Britain will be our next topics we explore!

Important Dates
  • June 2nd-Flip Flop Day
  • June 3rd-All books must be returned to the Media Center
  • June 4th-Field Day (Rain date June 6th)
  • June 6th-Trip to Seaholm for the Opera
  • June 13th-Graduation and 1/2 day

Monday the 2nd = D Day
Tuesday the 3rd = A day
Wednesday the 4th = B day
Thursday the 5th = C day (Gym Shoes)
Friday the 6th = D Day

Special’s Schedule
A Days-Music and Band/Orchestra
B Days- Art/Spanish
C Days- Physical Education (Gym Shoes) and Band/Orchestra
D Days- Spanish

5th grade is a Peanut Free Zone. Due to the number of peanut allergies in the grade please be sure that any treats that are brought in for birthdays or special occasions do not have peanuts or made in the same area as other peanut product.